Red Wings interested in JS Giguere

Red Wings interested in JS Giguere

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Word today out of Detroit is that the Red Wings are interested in J.S. Giguere. Word is they have offered Randy Carlyle two old pucks and an all expense trip to downtown Detroit.. Carlyle was not available for comment, but its thought he fears Detroit is obviously up to something by offering so much for Giguere.

The other option that is being reported is to trade Giguere to anyone who will take him and spend the money on Sundin and bring up Bobby Ryan.

The rinkside view not only sucks it makes it impossible to enjoy the game. The arrogance of Fox Sports Management is unbelievable. May be time for a boycott of Ducks away games to wake these people up. After all making people sea sick and destroying the integrity of the game, can’t be a good thing for hockey.

Carlyle needs to wake up and start pulling Giguere as soon as he starts looking for the puck behind him after every shot. If you think this is bad, wait til next year when they adjust the pads again. Carlyle also needs to quit changing the lines on every shift, they are never going to get to work together if they don’t have time.

We at HNIC are looking forward to historical moment that has to come soon as Parros achieves the unthinkable and passes his all time goal scoring total with 3 this year. Good Luck, George.

The biggest question of this year will be how many times Perry can fall in one period. We are looking for a new record of 50 times. He surely will be able to replace Teemu Selanne as the all time great diver.

Stay tuned to HNIC for more thoughts on a weekly basis. See you at the next game.