Leaf Blower Hockey

Leaf Blower Hockey

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Leaf Blower Hockey: an outrage, or just outrageous?

Leaf Blower hockey isn’t a “real” sport, there is no league. Teams of drooling backpack blowing warriors will not be invading anyone’s neighbourhood. The inaugural game was played under the heading of “waggery,” just to see if a nutty idea would work—and to raise some money for ALS. Each player paid a $25 fee that was matched by the organizers. The official LBH season is short, one day in the Fall. Eight guys playing for half and hour or so use up 2 litres (one gallon approx.) of high octane, clean burning gas in low emission, quiet blowers. Leaf Blower hockey is a not for profit organization with all proceeds going to the ALS Society of Canada.

Clearing the air about Leaf Blowers:

Leaf Blower Hockey is silly and ridiculous, but it isn’t “the end of the world as we know it”, as some of its detractors say. (That happened with “America’s Next Top Model”.) Critics are simply not aware of the huge advances in leaf blower technology. Today’s models for example, have reduced hydrocarbon emissions by 90% vs. a few years ago. In fact, compared to automobiles, a week’s worth of driving vs. a week of leaf blower use is 30 times worse for the environment, and when it comes to greenhouse gasses, it’s 230 times worse. Noise levels are also now quieter than a city bus.