Leaf Blower Hockey – Official Rules and Equipment

Leaf Blower Hockey – Official Rules and Equipment

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Leaf Blower Hockey. How it’s played.

Playing surface:
A hockey rink (no ice) is best, you can play the ball off the cushion and it also cushions sound, but a parking lot or any open paved space will do using street hockey nets.

Playing surface sizes:
You can move the nets and play side to side for a faster, high scoring game, or end to end using 3 forwards instead of two.

The Ball:
Depends on conditions and blowers but: If the surface is wet, a baseball size wiffle ball is the best choice.

For dry conditions and an end to end game, the wiffle ball will work but will also scoot everywhere on you, so either a 6 inch or 8 inch diameter nerf ball will give more control. You can experiment with your own size and material of ball.

Backpack or hand held, but backpack gives you more power. The latest high-tech backpack blower, the Echo PB460LN, which is ultra-quiet at only 65 decibels wide open, with “patented sound attenuation technology” and has a high-efficiency, low emission engine. You can experiment with blower tube length, they come in sections. Some players like longer tubes; others feel there is more overall power with the bottom section removed.

3 10 minute periods, switching ends each time, with a 5 minute break in between. Backpack players will welcome the break.

Da Rules:

  • 5 players to a team.
  • Line-up: Side to side rink play: 2 forwards, one defense, and 2 subs, with changes made anytime on the fly. End to end: 3 forwards.
  • No goalie, that’s everybody’s job.
  • No running, fast walking only.
  • No foot passing: Feet can be used only to stop the ball and set up for the blower.
  • Leave space around each player. No contact.
  • Blower must be held below waist height.
  • Leaf blower tube cannot be used as a stick.
  • No blowers in the face.
  • Players cannot enter the goalie crease.
  • Face-offs are “lacrosse style” on one knee.
  • Penalties are one minute in length.
  • Three 10-minute periods per game, switching ends each time.
  • In case of a tie, 2 minute, “sudden death” periods until winner.

Official Safety Rules

  • Running shoes must be worn.
  • Ear protection must be worn.
  • Eye protection must be worn.
  • Kneepads, elbow pads are optional.