Blackhawks “Night o Fun”

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Some key players from the Chicago Blackhawks hit to the streets on their recent trip to Vancouver and boy is there pictures to prove it.

Let’s have a close look at some of these beauties and see if we can really figure out what was going on.

Kris Versteeg here looks rather cautious of the entire goings on, while his George Michaels beard is screaming “I bought this shirt specifically so that I can look pimp, my mom bought me these glasses”. Blondie on the right clearly has something on her mind and I am thinking that it is Kris Jr.

John Madden, hey I remember you! You played with the Devils right, cool.  Ahh why are you drinking champagne from an itsy bitsy glass? On the plus side it makes your bicep look HUGE! BTW you look prouder than a damn peacock.

Kaner! I figure you thought a Limo would be a safer bet this time eh, good call I guess.  1) Your pants are undone. 2) The chick on the left looks like she may be the one that is usually taking the pictures. 3) Nice smile.

Cool a group shot! Oh I see Kane was just undoing his pants so he could take them off, that makes sense now.  Madden is doing the right thing by holding his beer (which by the way is hilarious that it is a Kokanee) while his lumber jack friend helps him with his. Kris seems to have lost his glasses, Mom is going to be pissed.

All in all looks like the boys had a great night of shirtless fun in the back of a limo in a road city.  I’m sure this happens all the damn time but the pictures really make it fun for the rest of us 🙂