Before Betting Online with Bookmakers

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Before placing a golf bet in a betting shop or with an online bookmaker, it is important to assess the form of a player. The best way is to visit a tournament as vital questions can easily be answered:

How much time does a player spend on the practice ground with a coach tinkering to find a swing?
Do they walk confidently to the putting green looking happy with their work?
How many visits do they make to the tour equipment caravan to change shafts or grips?
Do they visit the physio unit for treatment?
How preoccupied are they standing on the putting green after a practice session? Distracted pros are often locked away in their own world trying to find an answer to their swing problem.
How happy does the caddie look?

There are many giveaway signs that suggest how confident a player is feeling, and visiting a tournament on practice day is the best way of assessing form. But most punters have to place a bet with a bookie or an online bookmaker without seeing a player close up. However, there is a chance of placing a winning bet with a bookmaker by following these tips on how to interpret a players form and golf stats from the tour web sites.